Friend of Jesus

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Friend of Jesus

I believe in the omnipresence of God’s love and intelligent active power on earth to all nations and people who seek His will!
I believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the hope of all nations and people!
Everyone: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, … Jesus may accept as their friend!

Jesus : “You are my friends” ( John 15:14 )

Question: When are you a friend of his, Jesus of Nazareth?
Answer: If you believe in his message and also believes that he is the Messiah, and does what he says.

Question: What does that mean: his Messiah?
Answer: The Earth, mankind has say, a collective consciousness. So in that way it is dreaming common dreams. But some dreams are divine.
For a long time it predicts a prophet / teacher. A world teacher who will ensure peace in the world, for all nations. It has been predicted thousands of years ago that this teacher will be born within the Jewish people.
Two thousand years ago Jesus began his spiritual work of redemption on earth. His message of love is getting heard. Even by atheists who really know him, meet by NDE (near death experience), and miraculous healings!

Question: What about a Buddha for example?
Answer: Nowhere in the Bible is something reported negative about Gautama the Buddha. Which by the way was also a teacher of love, right?
Buddha saw himself not as a god. Refused to be honored in this way. This worship after his death! He has never asked for a picture cult around him and he said that God did not exist. He was a discussion about God simply out of the way! He preached inner enlightenment through self-knowledge and kindness to all living beings, humans and animals!

Question: Was Jesus God?
Answer: In the Gospel of Matthew (19:17): “He said to him: Why do you call me good? No one is good except one, that is God. ”
And the devil, Jesus says, “Go away, Satan! For it is written: The Lord your God, you shall worship and serve him only. ‘ – Matthew 4:10.
So I do not think he was God but that God revealed through him. He was one with God.

Question: Was he the son of God?
Answer: “I do my king on Zion, My holy mountain. I will declare the decree: the LORD has said to me: You are my Son, I have begotten you. ” – Here God speaks to David in Psalm 2: 6-7!
So it was not totally unique as God speaks of his son, a son!
Jesus also calls us sons and daughters of God, right? He speaks clearly: ‘Our Father.’
But Jesus was literally the son of God? Yes and no so.
The idolatry – the church – Jesus, however, completed in the fourth century AD.

Question: What about the New Age?
Answer: I do not believe in the New Age movement. So people from this movement into angels but in doing so often into Jesus. They call angels but that does not teach Master Jesus. You need to repent to God and pray to him. If there is an angel on your path, it is sent by God. You take a huge risk just to worship angels. Ever heard of fallen angels? And of wolves in sheep’s clothing? …
New Age, is in my view not: “Not my will but Thy will.” NA is about your own right, you believe in yourself, invest in a better or more perfect self. NA is not a religion / religion but a way for searching man who says what relief / rescue may cost. Kind of like you against a dentist would say, but there may not be drilled, I do not feel pain … and it should not cost too much.
NA is a hot tub where you can enjoy it as a nice ego.

Question: What is eternal life?
Answer: That when you die physically, not mentally will die with your body.
Who does not believe in God or have not realized God the world belongs, the earthly matter. And if you’ve lived bad, you hate your fellow man and exploited the sky will certainly not be at home. We will reap what we sow.
Jesus called for him to believe. Because he is one with God, we will thus also be one with God. Those who reject Jesus as the son of God also highlights himself as son of God.
Love guarantees eternal life. No human love but divine. Be a God-man.

Question: Is there a hell?
Answer: Today, many people turn inward and / or appearance in hell, anywhere in the world, right? People feel mentally and / or physically tortured. This may be due to poor parents who abuse their children and / or abuse. Whether you have come because of your belief or faith in the prison where people treat you very badly. Or harassment at work or school or the Internet can be seen as very negative. Whether one is beset by a debilitating illness! Etcetera.
That there would be hell if we leave the body, seems not far-fetched, right?

Question: Was Jesus married?
Answer: We do not know whether Jesus had a family before he began his public work. From his twelfth year to the thirtieth we know nothing. He may have had a family, for example: the death of his wife with the child during childbirth. And such.
His mother Mary survived the birth of Jesus, when she was only 14 years old. At that time deceased then many of these young women.
Possibly he lived a celibate life, what at that time was not entirely unknown, such as the Essenes. Even Paul, who was a follower of Christ was conscious without a wife!

Question: Jesus Had a homophobia?
Answer: I do not think so. For he was very intimate to his twelve disciples. Do not do that to me men with homophobia.
When a woman was to be stoned because of her adultery. He came for her! He told her persecutors: “Who is without sin throw the first stone.” When the persecutors left her alone!
Would he not have responded differently to a man who would be caught with another man?
But he also told her, “Go and sin no more.” He also said that way, against adultery.
Today they are talking about gay rights. I personally believe only in human rights: for example, that you should not torture each other or may throw in jail because of someone’s sexual orientation or religion. Why promote human rights alongside other rights? So it seems, is not it? As Jesus taught: Let your ‘yes’ to a ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ ‘no’ and everything is going up there out of the question.
When I see a man, I see a man (man). When I see a woman, I see a woman (man). Why do I – know someone’s sexual orientation – in the first place?

Question: Is the Bible the Word of God?
Answer: I do not believe that every letter in the Bible comes from God himself. But his spirit or between the lines to find. That there is a common theme in Scripture. Do you believe in God and think without such faith (without open heart) the Bible really understand?
One of the key descriptions in the Bible is that God is love. “And if I had the gift of prophecy and know all mysteries and possess all knowledge, and though I would have faith that I could move mountains, but have not love, I was nothing.” – 1 Corinth 13: 2.
It has done a lot of evil in the name of God and, alas! What the world, humanity, faith in a fanatic? A book worship really makes you a better person …

Question: Is Jesus the only way?
Answer: Love is the only way!
Jesus also said, “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another have, as I have loved you.”
The commandment of charity was known at that time, within Judaism, but not in the way that he, Jesus of Nazareth, taught!
Love is the universal law. The Buddha taught that!
God is love and away and purpose are, right?
The sign of Christ’s love.

Question: What is the sign of Christ in Matthew 24:30?
Answer: Jesus foresaw a sign. His character, his second coming.
No sign of suffering but love! That was revealed to me in a divine vision on 4 June 1976.
He is Mark. It is His manifestation!
The Son of God is love.
Love is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to God except through love.

Question: What is the future of the church?
Answer: I think Tommy Hicks presents his vision as a beautiful description.
As I understand it, there will first be a huge decline of the church in the world. Then the church will slowly restore but with the advent of many powerful – wandering – which also evangelists tremendous miracles will perform in the name of Jesus, the church will (and) again full flow. And that’s been busy! This wave of miracles as the world they also, the third revival.
The telly transmitter including Sid Roth gives it extensive attention!
Here in the Netherlands proclaimed evangelist Jan Zijlstra ‘healing church “, that is the hope of this nation!
It is believed that during this revival, Christ will return.

Question: When will Christ return?
Answer: No idea. As the Bible says: The day and time will be unknown. The angels will not know it, Jesus himself. Only God knows the day! (See Matthew 24:36.)
Through the centuries, it sounds thus: The Lord is coming soon!
His arrival also the judgment: “One day we will come, I trust!” (This was revealed to me).
For the Lord is not only love but also a heavenly justice, right?
We not only serve a God of love! …
Jesus appeared on earth as the Lamb of God. On his return he will – also – the lion of God. It is therefore correct to see him now and you no longer fixated on the lam! Let’s stop living in the past: when he was convicted! Not this time! The Messiah with two faces …
We are victorious!

Question: Who or what are the false Christs?
Answer: Jesus warns us that emphatically! People who will claim to be him!
He says about his coming, you’ll be able to locate him or not, He is here or there. He also says about the kingdom of God. You will not say it’s here or there. But he says about God’s kingdom: it is already among us but people do not see it!
So I believe therefore that Christ will manifest inside in this world! I pray that you will see him! …
The world around us is a reflection of our inner world, right? And that is why the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, not fight against the flesh, but against the spirit!

Question: What about politics?
Answer: Jesus was and is not a politician.
“And when Jesus had called them to Himself, He said, you know, carry the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great power over them. But so shall it be among you; but whoever among you wants to be great, which must be your servant; ‘ – Matthew 20: 25-26.
He also taught emphatically: I’m out of this world!
Know that our strength in us is greater than the force outside of us. What is impossible with men is possible with God.
Trust in love and truth.
Someone success, power and money searching, recognizes not the new world but themselves.

Question: What about good and evil?
Answer: You can not believe in it but what then will your life look better? If your child is missing, what you feel? And if her or him has happened to the worst affected by man. An innocent life exploited, abused and destroyed, then, how you will that experience? Will the man who then has done, should go unpunished: as yet there is no right and wrong?
Yes, love is all the main but instead there is such a thing as justice, honesty, a spirit that is focused on the facts.
… Someone who knowingly puts a house on fire with people in it, how do you experience it then, if you know these people happen? Etcetera.
People may have a sick mind, an evil spirit. A mind that just bent on destruction. A man of spirit can be possessed without that love which knows no love. Such people are dangerous!

Question: Astrology, fortune tellers … how about that?
Answer: Put all your life in God’s hands and not in the hands of one person or a couple stars. Rely on the largest, highest and most sacred power!
People who eat both ways: taking part in eg card reading and believing in God, trust not really God. And so life is always revenge.
Only God truly protects. Is really like a father to his children. He demands complete dedication otherwise you can not reach him. There is not nothing in the Bible that you are the Lord must love with all your heart, mind and body.
There are people of God who can you predict the future. But they do not do in their own name. They also ask for any money. But do it for God’s glory!
Renounce all tellers, astrologers, psychics called … focus your mind directly to God, ask Him about your future, what plan he has with you.
Do not rely on the human mind. Even scientists, doctors may claim that there is no future for you anymore. But what is impossible with men is possible with God! The impossible is possible with God but then demands (calls) really trust him.

Question: How God speaks to us?
Answer: Look out for the devil because he will try to trick you! By voices, feelings and some thoughts.
If you miss the discernment of spirits can be easily misled.
God can speak through a dream, a vision, a voice, a direct sense, … but also by an angel.
Live a pure and honest life, then you will definitely know when God speaks to you in any way whatsoever!
A belief in God is not enough. As the Scriptures, “Faith without works is dead.” Even the devil believes in God but does not love him. Criminals know the law but not to live there. Knowledge does not mean that your life has changed. You can have your mouth full of God (Truth) and the Bible / Koran / Tanakh / Bhagavad-gita / Dhammapada / … It will not help all. Many billions of people believe in God but they really live according to His rules? So you can pretend to be married but have your partner truly committed? There is corruption everywhere: in the workplace, in the family, at school, in the church / temple / synagogue / mosque / … Where are people, there is also corruption. You engage and listen to God asks every day all the attention. God is a living God!

Question: What about baptism?
Answer: Jesus and his disciples baptized. Jesus himself was baptized by his cousin John! It is the sign of new life, of humility, ‘membership’ dedication …
As people marry each other and from each other to take away all the uncertainties and ulterior motives. Some people only use one another to deep in their hearts are not really binding. Sometimes that for some origins to make such a particular religion. For example do like the men lie with a particular woman in bed, but marriage is a shame, because this woman of another religion or totally incredulous. And such.
For example, people claim Jesus holding but baptism are unnecessary. Often, this has to do with a particular stubbornness or embarrassment. While he is very clear about baptism, you are baptized!
He also said: “For those who are for me and my words shall have been, to him shall the Son of man be ashamed,” – Luke 9:26.

Question: Are there any miracles today?
Answer: Jesus’ miracles have never been out of the world. If you are using the Internet for testimonials, you will find really a lot. Not only testimonies of believers. Even people who never believed in all first!
Jesus gave his disciples the command: Preach the new world of God and lay hands on the sick!
It seems that when power and increased the wealth of the church after Jesus, the miracles were less.
Even today many Christians believe not that miracles are from God: that miracles really was something from the time of Jesus and the apostles! But … that’s nonsense, given all the evidence through the ages!
God is a living God, a God of miracles!

Question: How do I pray for a miracle?
Answer: James, brother and follower of Jesus then gave a beautiful answer, advice: “But he does it ask in faith and thereby no doubt. After all, who doubts is like a wave of the sea by the wind driven up and down and thrown. For if a man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord .’- James 1: 6-7.
“Believe it already happened, even while praying,” – Kathryn Kuhlman (thousands of people were healed during her prayer).
The general opinion of the great evangelists is: You can do it too.
But as the Dutch evangelist Jan Zijlstra says: We’re fighting against the power of unbelief!
Many Christians simply do not believe in their own hands upon the name of Jesus. And many Christians have cold feet, afraid to go off. But all known hand semi say in unison: You should do it! You will grow in your faith. Amen!
What is also quite important to know not everyone heals at once, at a prayer. Sometimes days later, or even later! … At the moment, that day, the next day or a week later. Whether people are cured in stages, through repetition of prayer.
Also, people sometimes fall back, the advice after a few weeks, then, continue to believe in the complete cure!
Do not put in the box: “There is no hope for you!” But there is always hope! Even people who were declared dead, were still at fully healed, restored all the inconvenience!
“In Jesus Name stand up!”

Question: How radical was / is Jesus?
Answer: In my experience a true Satguru. Who believes in absolute surrender. In this time heavily criticized in the West, right?
“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yea, and his own life, he can not be my disciple.” – Luke 14:26.
When Jesus comes to visit Martha and Mary Martha is very busy at home because of all the visitors, while Mary sits at the feet of Jesus. Martha, however, expected to help Mary and complains to him and then he answers: “Only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the good part being that its not going to be taken. ” – Luke 10:42.
Christians today seem mostly on Martha. Want to score good works to Jesus!
It’s funny when you study the Gospel of Thomas. In it the students to ask Jesus, what they should or should not do, such as giving fasting and / or handouts. But then he answered: “Do not you hate and do not lie.”
In the New Testament Jesus says: Be like children. If you’re not a kid, you can not enter the kingdom of God.

Question: What about the Muslims?
Answer: I do not believe that we should not attack Christian directions. And know that God is neither Christian or Islamic. He is far beyond the history of people, right?
There is only one God. God is!
We can look better to practice how we as people interact. Maybe you have a very nice Muslim neighbor. And terrible Christian friends!
Buddhists do not believe in God but in the truth that liberates. My question is this: God is not even the truth, the ultimate truth? Buddha taught that hatred never hate will dissipate. But Jesus taught that either?

Question: What about karma?
Answer: The Bible says: “He who sows iniquity will reap evil.” (Proverbs 22: 8.) The law of cause and effect.
Even the Bible speaks that a family can live under a curse, something from the past.
Scientists also follow various laws, insights and facts, such as the evolution of man.
But … there is a God who is suddenly given an unexpected twist to everything. People who were considered stupid and useless, have suddenly understanding and success! Nobody can explain than good, unless you believe in miracles!
God also created your own success sudden end because you him and / or his followers but always ridiculed. Neither science nor the natural mind of man is able to know God truly. Know that love is stronger than or may be called karma.

Question: Can you judge?
Answer: Judge all you want but know: that all are therefore may reverse mercilessly for you! The finger pointing at others you can also go to point, right?
Teaches Jesus not to judge but if you do judge, your judgment entirely true should be! He himself could be quite critical in his time, that way he also soon be on the blacklist of the Jewish rulers.
He learned most of all: “Do not judge and you will not be judged; do not condemn and you will not be condemned; release and you will be forgiven. ” – Luke 6:37.
Focus your mind on the facts and remember that God is not only a God of truth but also love.
Jesus: “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye, but you notice the log in your own eye not?
Or how will you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. ” – Matthew 7: 3-5. Otherwise the blind leading the blind, they both fall into a pit.

Question: Is Jesus name calling enough to be saved?
Answer: Many believers think so but he says there are the following about:
“Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter heaven in the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven is. ” – Matthew 7:21.

(For the biblical texts, use was made of the Revised States Translation).

Nathan Wennegers